Food in Tadoba

We connect to a place through its cuisine. The most authentic way of slipping into the heart of a region is via its age-old legacy of food traditions, the fables behind the flavours, and most importantly the people who have made it available to you.
At Pugdundee Safaris, we understand the value of food and how it’s an integral part of travel. We believe that food isn’t just meant to satiate your appetite. But it can be a way to know a place quintessentially. Our guests get to savour gastronomic experiences in a very different light— each platter from a Pugdundee kitchen is seasoned with freshness, authenticity, sustainability and love.
From our Kitchen
From our Kitchen
From our Kitchen

Varhadi Food

You will go on a trail of new tastes at Waghoba Eco-Lodge where our chefs have very thoughtfully designed a few new regional platters and dishes for you. Our Waghoba kitchen will be serving authentic thalis for lunch including the regional Varadhi thali from the Vidarbha region we are in. This will also include a taste of the famous spicy Saoji curries. Also on offer is Maharashtrian Thali which includes the best of the state and Hyderabadi Thali inspired by our next-door neighbour. The lunch menu is served in traditional hand-made Kansa thalis with the beverage of the day.
Maharashtra is known for its unique spices, which many of us find a bit too piquant for our tastebuds. However, they have their significance and reasons to be famous. The robustness is suitable to the local climate, as the hot spices help your body adapt to the heat of the environment.
Dinners are more laid back and allow the guest options to choose the mains from our à la carte menu and a tempting kids’ menu is also available at Waghoba. A la carte menu offers options in Indian, Continental & Oriental. Dinner is served in hand-made pottery crafted exclusively for Waghoba.
Even when we introduce a new dish or get creative with our food menu, we try to keep it mostly local, seasonal, fresh, and sustainably sourced. The menu is inspired by locally grown items including millets. The menu includes Ukadpendi, which is a Marathi breakfast dish made with Jowar atta, millet salads, homemade porridge & ice creams, and an in-house bakery. The menu has been lovingly crafted by Chef Mugdha and Chef Michael Swamy.
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