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Our charming wildlife lodge is the perfect haven for wildlife enthusiasts to retire after a dusty drive through a spectacular forest which has slowly but strongly created its reputation for being one of the best parks to sight tigers in India. It is just 8 km away from the Khutwanda gate of Tadoba Tiger Reserve, making it a popular stay choice for guests who visit for tiger safari in Tadoba. The other popular gate – Moharli gate is just 20 km from the resort. Committed to green architecture, the lodge is constructed with handmade adobe earth bricks, and its vaulted ceilings are made from handmade conical tiles which helps to maintain the temperature.

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Located in Maharashtra, Central India, Tadoba National Park is one of the most preferred tiger destinations in India and the largest in the state. This pristine, wild habitat is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, also referred to as the Vidarbha region. Tadoba has gained immense popularity in recent years as the top park for tiger sightings and is one of India’s forty-seven project tiger reserves.

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